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The sexual advances Frankie has experienced are clearly hate-motivated. The proponents of this argument believe that women who wear short skirts are signaling that they are interested in sex. She writes: After walking [my then-girlfriend] home, three guys who were hanging out around the block of flats where she lived approached. According to this view, rapists are well aware that every woman in a miniskirt isn't down to fuck. Gay couples are not unaccustomed to this particular flavor of street harassment. On a recent post, a commenter wrote : "If short skirts signal sexual willingness, then it is reasonable to hypothesize that women who wear short skirts are more likely to be raped.

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Carter. Age: 22.
lesbian mini skirts

They seek to return control of that sexuality to its rightful owners—-heterosexual men.

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Hadassah. Age: 21.
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Deconstructing Rape Myths: On Short Skirts (On Lesbians)

They shouted a few sexual comments as we walked off, until I shouted back. Let's see if we can't address both of these theories at once with the help of star commenter Frankie. The two main arguments for why women must still protect themselves from rape by ditching the short skirt: a Rape is just one big misunderstanding.

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