Mlp comic 77

mlp comic 77
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The start of this epic four-part story will see the ponies travel to a new world in desperate need of aid Will she use her new power for good Our ponies have no time to horse around, as they set off to rescue their friends from Chrysalis kingdom. A massive event celebrating Ponyville's founding is nearing but an argument between friends splits the town into two argumentative factions! Find out in this action-packed issue of My Little Pony! As of issue 13, stories are set after Twilight's princess coronation.

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Information will be kept up to date as it becomes available.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (comics)

It'll be up to our favorite ponies to stop the new Nightmare Moon! The only chance of salvation may lie with Will Twilight learn the right lesson in caring for another? Siege of the Crystal Empire.

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