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Whether you love her or loathe her, Miley Cyrus has become a household name. The twenty-two year old Disney Channel star is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, but shot to stardom in her own right in when she began her role as Miley Stewart in Hannah Montana, an ordinary schoolgirl who leads a double life as a superstar. In JulyMiley appeared on the cover of Vanity fair, aged just 15, she posed with her back fully exposed, wrapped in a satin bed sheet.

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Tween starlet Miley Cyrus has issued yet another apology on her Web site for a photo she took with friends which has been deemed racially insensitive by the Asian American community. In the photo, Cyrus, 16, and her pals slant their eyes. The lone Asian American in the group is the only one who doesn't make the gesture.

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Miley Cyrus hung out with her friends recently and took a picture that some people find to be offensive. Still in Nashville, the year-old Disney starlet responded by posting this entry on MileyWorld :. It really makes me sad that people want to tear other people down just for the sake of magazine sells and hits on websites!

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Controversies refers to controversies that were caused by Miley Cyrus or involved her. In Decembera brief controversy emerged when photos Cyrus had posted on her private MySpace account, depicting her and a female friend sharing a piece of licorice and "almost kissing", were spread across the internet, prompting rumors of lesbianism. Cyrus comments, "For me, I was like, That's two girls—it's not a big deal.

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Teenage pop star Miley Cyrus has denied accusations of racism after a picture of the star making a slanty-eyed face surfaced on the internet. She responded by claiming she was "simply making a goofy face". The year-old Disney star, who shot to fame after starring in the Hannah Montana TV series, has been accused by the Organisation of Chinese Americans of setting a "terrible example for her many young fans".

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Over the last decade, she has shrewdly threaded her biggest headlines into her persona — although that approach has backfired along the way. Aside from a flash of her bra, the pictures are mostly tame images of a young couple snuggling on a couch. For the squeaky-clean brand of a rising Disney star, however, the snaps were the beginning of a total transformation.

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Miley Cyrus didn't mean to offend anyone with her latest controversial photo, but she does think that people have overreacted. The "Hannah Montana" star apologized on her official fan site Mileyworld. See the controversial Miley Cyrus photo for yourself.

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Because one photo scandal just wasn't enough…. Miley Cyrus ' affinity for candid-camera moments has landed her in hot water once again, this time over a photo in which the star and her friends are seen striking what appears to be a racially offensive gesture, but what the teen queen now insists is the media making "something out of nothing. In the picture, which made the Internet rounds this week, Cyrus and her posse, including boyfriend Justin Gastonare shown slanting their eyes en masse.

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The year-old Disney star was yesterday forced to defend herself against accusations of racism, after a picture surfaced on the internet purporting to show her making a "slanty-eyed" gesture with a group of friends. Race relations groups condemned the gesture and demanded a public apology, noting that the only member of her group not performing the gesture appeared to be of Asian descent. The singer and actress claimed in her blog that the image, which was leaked to the showbusiness website TMZ was "goofy" rather than racist.

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Disney teen idol Miley Cyrus claims a controversial picture of her seemingly mocking Asians has been taken out of context. The photograph, taken with boyfriend Justin Gaston and a group of friends, shows the Hannah Montana star pulling the corners of her eyes back. After the image was leaked on to the internet, Asian American groups condemned the pose as 'racist' and demanded an apology from the teenager. She wrote: 'I've been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces!