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While in the disco, Tony is the champion dancer. His circle of friends and weekend dancing help him to cope with the harsh realities of his life: a dead-end jobclashes with his unsupportive and squabbling parents, racial tensions in the local community, and his general restlessness. Saturday Night Fever was a huge commercial success.

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He checks out a pair of shoes in a store window, puts a white silk shirt on layaway, and buys two slices of pizza. He also engages in some low level sexual harassment. Seeing an attractive woman in a tight dress, he doubles back, blocks her path, and propositions her.

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True facts of Joey and Annette in the backseat. Joey holding Annette during the tragedy of Bobby C. Annette with Joey while sharing speed.

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Saturday Night Fever is a film starring John Travolta in the role that made him a superstar. The film centers around Tony Manero, a young Italian-American from Brooklyn who likes to spend nights dancing at a local nightclub; his would-be girlfriend and dance partner Stephanie; his unrequited love interest Annette; and their various friends and cohorts. But the film is mostly remembered for being a reflection of the Disco era at its height in New York in The '70sand the Unbuilt Trope of the modern dance flick. Subsequently, the film sparked a national Disco craze that didn't die out until the onset of The '80s.

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By Roxy Simons For Mailonline. And John Travolta, 65, was elated on Wednesday over the news that the soundtrack for hit Saturday Night Live has sold over 45 million copies worldwide. RIAA Award.

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I always heard how great it was. The film was always listed as a cult classic even though there was no reason as to why. Being the curious person I am, I watched it.

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Saturday Night Fever. Fun, frivolity and freedom — the sweeping silhouette made famous in the era of Saturday Night Fever is back in full swing. But how to make it modern?

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The previous week, Badham had attended a lavish premiere at L. I walked into the lobby, and all the Paramount executives were jumping up and down. They were so excited.

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The immaculate christ-like figure at supper. Stripper as both accessibility and inaccessibility of sex. Tony Manero as the centerstage god figure.

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Paramount Pictures. Something is happening in Hollywood. Inthe Library of Congress designated the film as culturally, historically, or aesthetically significan t.