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Thank you for having the guts to point this out in a far more amusing and interesting way than I could have. However, I do think it's relevant for me to explore why the photos were pleasing to you, just as I think it could be relevant for you to explore why they were disturbing for me. Please refrain from being unnecessarily mean in this space. But that doesn't erase the influence of gender and sexism and everything else from other people, the media, and so on. Considering in some states it's illegal, yes. So why does Tyra Banks not apply?

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Bristol. Age: 32.
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The same goes for those who fancy themselves as art consumers

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Zoey. Age: 23.
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She Pop: Adam Lambert Has A New Naked Friend--On Sexuality, Objectification, and Subversion

But just someone who kisses someone of the same sex or in Adam's case, he's a gay man trying to seem bi by admitting to kissing women. The Details article is about understanding the appeal of a gay man to non-gay man audiences. When you're a grown up, sexuality is only liberation and never degradation. We're talking about THIS photo shoot, porn is a whole other ball game in a whole other ballpark.

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