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lesbian slave stories
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Alas, if she failed, I was back where I started from and I could enjoy tarnishing her name through my many powerful contacts. This woman had seemingly turned around several other financially troubled businesses in the past five years. My small, but amazing staff ran like clockwork and I had not hired anyone new in over five years. She reached for the phone and said, "Hello, this is Amber Anderson. Therefore your earnings will go up even while paying me my reasonable fee. Was she really saying what I thought she was saying?

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Rebecca. Age: 29.
lesbian slave stories

In the reception area, Sophia was back at her desk.

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Ryan. Age: 23.
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Each woman, they were all women ran business's I realized, raved about this miracle worker who not only stopped the steady decline in sales, but turned their businesses into such successes that each quarter since Amber's assistance had bested the quarter before. If she was successful, my store would increase its profit margin even while paying her, much more than I pay my long-time employees, but would not hurt my bottom line. Without a major influx of customers, I would be forced to close my business She was given ten percent of profits in the company as part of her contract," Ariel revealed.

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