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A girl has to have some fun doesn't she? In reality I don't know how long they played with me; I just remember how wonderful it felt being completely ravaged by two men! Jim showed him a picture of me in a very revealing white string bikini when he asked him what I looked like. Dennis wanted to fuck me from the first time he saw a picture of me. Jim would tell me that he wanted me to show him my pussy and let him touch me where ever he wanted.

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I didn't help so it took both of them to tug the jeans over my hips and down to the floor so I could clumsily step out of them.

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I wanted him to touch me, but I was still aware that Dennis was there. This delicious torture seemed to last for hours. We've had quite a few adventures over the past few years and we both enjoy writing our reflections down so we can remember how we felt as it happened. He told me, "I want to see you naked standing in front of our friend.

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