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Is YouTube doing enough to fight hate speech? The same criticism has also been leveled at other sites that allow people to post their own material, including Facebook and Twitter. YouTube has long prohibited outright threats of violence. Video creators can turn off that setting if they want. The video-streaming company owned by Google said it will now take down videos that lob insults at people based on race, gender expression, sexual orientation or other "protected attributes. In the video, Crowder used homophobic slurs aimed at Vox reporter Carlos Maza.

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YouTube confirmed that Crowder's videos about Maza now violate its new policies and will be removed.

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Is YouTube doing enough to fight hate speech? But the company also received significant pushback that month after it allowed a video to remain on the site from conservative commentator Steven Crowder. YouTube has been reviewing its policies and guidelines for about two years, Matt Halprin, the company's vice president of trust and safety, told the Associated Press. The new anti-harassment and violence policies also apply to public officials, though videos will emain on the site if they are considered parts of news stories, documentaries or other educational material.

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