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There are many types of bullies. This article is how to deal with Mean Girl bullies. Some are insecure, and try to find those who are weaker those who have no boundaries, don't stand up for themselves etc.

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You've nursed her in sickness, comforted her through storms, and consoled her when her best friend moved away. You're the mom, and that's what moms do: They make everything better. But then she told you she's being picked on by a girl at school.

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Most studies about bullying focus on boys as aggressors but girls can be bullies too and when girls bully it can be an entirely different beast. When we think of bullying we tend to think of physical violence and outward taunting but when girls bully their tactics are often quiet and covert. From the outside looking in it can be hard to tell a group of girls who are bullying apart from a group of girls who are innocently standing around.

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Almost all girls experience some kind of bullying in their life, whether they were bullied or were the bully. I know that I have been the bully and the victim. My experience was very traumatic at the time. One of my best friends had written me a note.

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Here's how to inoculate ourselves against negative ones. Verified by Psychology Today. Passive Aggressive Diaries.

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The penchant for teenage girls to be mean to one another is a universal constant. Trends come and go, but mean girls remain. It will take some time and some good communication, but eventually, it will end.

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In the popular movie Mean Girlstwo cliques of teenage girls become socially aggressive toward each other in school. They play spiteful tricks and say and write cruel things behind one another's backs. While the movie is a fictional comedy, there is a large degree of truth in the groups' cold-blooded behavior: Girls sometimes deliberately mistreat other girls within their own peer groups.

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Nothing can prepare you for seeing your 5-year-old become a victim of girl bullying — not even your own childhood. The name-calling has been relentless. One ringleader and a rotating sidekick have been tormenting Annabelle for weeks now. The worst part?

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Social networking websites such as Facebook have forever changed the way society communicates and shares, but they have also become devastating new weapons in the arsenal of schoolyard bullies. Unfortunately, it took tragedies such as the suicides of middle-schoolers Ryan Halligan and Megan Meier to bring the issue into the public eye. And yet only six states have enacted anti-bullying laws that include the term cyber-bullying.

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I was recently asked to write a guest blog directed towards teen girls and related to issues of harassment and bullying online and offline…and so I wanted to share it with our readers. It has a very conversational tone, and reflects what I want to convey to this population as they navigate the difficult waters of adolescence. I would love to hear your thoughts! I appreciate this opportunity; I speak to tens of thousands of youth in schools each year about some of the social and relational stuff that affects them.


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