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The next moment, though, she felt herself push past the final barrier, and erupted into a scream of delight as she climaxed. Mirajane briefly stopped to crawl over and kiss Lisanna tenderly, engaging in a rather heated battle of the tongues, and then withdrew to continue administrating small pieces of heaven to her wet cunt. A muffled cry of "Mira-nee! Finally, sleep overtook them both, and when they woke up in the morning, they discovered that Lisanna's bedsheets were in much need of washing. She again brought her right hand up to her lips and seductively licked the finger she'd used to tease the girl's entrance - - then smiled.

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Ada. Age: 32.
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Several more sultry moments passed quickly.

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Mary. Age: 22.
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The catgirl could hardly stand it. She breathed lightly on said vulva, and Lisanna let out a howl like a cat in heat. So read on, fellow closet perverts! She knew all of Lisanna's weak points; the sisters had tickle fights like this often.

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