Pornstars of the seventies

pornstars of the seventies
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Some say she died of AIDS, others of a drug overdose. An investigator claims he received a letter from Bambi who says she became an anonymous stay at home mom. A Ron Jeremy anal piano classic brought to you by PornHub. Her perfect tits and good looks kept her a fan favourite until now and will definitely keep us all happily masturbating for many days to come. She embodied an over the top, big boobs, big hips, larger than life lust that was in direct opposition to the girl next door pornstars of the time.

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Laura. Age: 29.
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She soon found herself in the starring role of a ground breaking adult film.

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Madalyn. Age: 31.
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Top 10 70’s Pornstars

Some say she died of AIDS, others of a drug overdose. She appeared in music videos and TV shows as herself and managed a career spanning over 25 years. Most know that Linda Lovelace skyrocketed to fame with the release of Deep Thro at.

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