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tumblr illustrated erotica
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It is an unfortunate collateral of our hypermedial society. I think my perspective is fundamentally realistic, but gazed through a fantastic filter. It is very personal, very individual. Apollonia Saintclair: Probably the fact of wanting to cast all women — and men by the way — in the same mold. Sexuality, especially female sexuality, is multifaceted. When we see a picture, we see it through a multitude of other images stored in our brain.

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Lyla. Age: 27.
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These are new iconoclasts who will, when left to do so, break with a sledgehammer the breasts of the Venus de Milo.

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Blakely. Age: 20.
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The artist creating neo-noir surrealist sexscapes

But despite this, she remains anonymous — no one knows her real name or face or anything really except that she lives in Europe. Apollonia Saintclair: I do not think so and the number of people who follow my work with benevolence seems to confirm this impression. Tell me about the circumstances surrounding the very first piece of erotic art you made. I am often surprised by what is considered offensive or sexist.

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