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After picking up early gigs in TV movies, Soleil Moon Frye became a bona fide star at the age of 7, when she nabbed the lead role in Punky Brewster. Frye played the title character from to and continued to spend her childhood acting with cameos in TV shows like The Wonder Years and Saved by the Bell. Decades later, Frye still occasionally acts, lending her voice to animated series like Planet Sheen and Robot Chicken through

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The s were a fun time in TV and movies. With lots of family-focused content in demand, many kids ended up taking center stage and grew up child stars in the spotlight — ending in both positive and negative results. Drew Barrymore Alberto E.

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As a youngster, it is always mesmerizing to follow the adventures of someone the same age as you. Kid stars do not always have it easy. While it might seem like they are set for life, young celebrities tend to struggle to enjoy childhood to its fullest extent.

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The s were a much harder time to become famous if you were a kid. Back then, the path to fame was a lot harder. It took getting the exact right role and making the most of it.

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Sign in. Actor My Own Private Idaho. His mother, Arlyn Dunetza Bronx-born secretary, and his father, John Bottom, a carpenter, met in California in

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The s was an amazing decade. Denim dominated the fashion world, weird catchphrases were everywhere whassup? Those dramas helped launch the careers of some of the most recognizable celebrities today.

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Coming of age is a necessary and fascinating part of life. Lucky for us — cinema has been there to capture every step to the way. John Hughes both lampooned and sympathized high school stereotypes while Cameron Crowe sought out a more sentimental and honest mentality.

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Despite the big hair, excessive amount of blue eyeshadow, and bedazzled jean jackets, these female teen stars managed to look cool even in the sometimes tragic-styling of the '80s. They all made their mark on the decade as mere teenagers, and we are thankful for all of the hair-teasing they endured to do so. Read on to find out where your favorite teen star from the '80s is up to nowadays, and bask in the warm nostalgic glow of their iconic roles, films, and songs.

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While acting is a career that some people fall into accidentally as an adult, others dream of working in the entertainment industry from their childhood. Some achieve this dream and start appearing on the stage or screen as a child and others must wait until they become an adult to achieve their dreams. During the s, there was a surge of movies that featured teens in the leading roles and for many, this decade was the beginning of a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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Think back to a simpler time in which John Hughes promised you a teenaged life that you either had no chance of achieving or frighteningly became your actual life. After all, what could be more s than learning a valuable lesson in high school? Also, what could be more s than people mixed with robots fighting? So when they needed the voice of wild young robotic rebellion to assume the Matrix of Leadership in Transformers; The Movie, they went with the only slightly threatening Judd Nelson.