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A female teacher accidentally included footage from a home-made sex tape in a school DVD distributed to pupils, it has emerged. The children at Isabelle Jackson Elementary in California had each been given the disc of "school memories", which featured a six-second clip of Crystal Defanti pleasuring herself, CBS 13 News reports. An unnamed parent said: "It goes from [showing] my son straight to her on the couch like that.

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Post a Comment. About Me ox Eldridge View my complete profile. Monday, August 17, crystal defanti video.

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Pulldown to refresh. A local teacher accidentally put pornography into a DVD that was meant to be filled with school memories from the past year, and nobody caught the error until after it was sent home, shocking parents and students alike. Parents of students who attend Isabelle Jackson Elementary said that the woman is a good teacher, but just made a mistake that may become the most embarrassing moment of their life. The offending DVD starts with a menu screen that displays various school trips and functions, and when you click on one of them, you see kids in a classroom sharing stories.


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