Geisha kimona

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Kimono is one of the defining characteristics of a geisha. Geisha wear kimono with a neckline that dips low on the back to show off the nap of the neck. That part of the neck is as sensual for Japanese men as the breast is to Western men.

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I joined our shop at and still enjoy having people from over the world. My mission is sharing right knowledge with my guest. Love you to understand real Kimono cultuer.

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Over time, the kimono has come to be a T-shaped wrapped garment with set sleeve lengths, variations and a set way of construction. The plural of kimono is kimonoas Japanese does not distinguish plural nouns, though the English plural kimonos is also used. Kimono are often worn for important public holidays and festivalsand for formal occasions such as weddings and funerals.

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The basis of the kimono is, of course, the kimono robe itself. Impress the locals with your knowledge of kimono! The furisode is worn by unmarried women and has sleeves between cm- cm long.

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Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right except when dressing the dead for burial and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Today, kimono are most often worn by women, and on special occasions.

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We provide authentic kimono from Tokyo, Japan to the world. Enjoy the best kimono experience on our blog, kimono contest and SNS. Our vision is.

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We provide joyful and inspiring opportunities for international visitors from all over the the world to experience Japanese culture, continuing the traditions of beauty and hospitality in Japan as a studio that specializes in Maiko and Geisha makeover experiences. We love Kyoto and we love the world of the maiko. It is our pleasure to provide you with an impressive and fun experience through traditional Kyoto culture.

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Contrary to popular belief, geisha are not the Eastern equivalent of a prostitute; a misconception originating in the West due to interactions with Japanese oiran courtesanswhose traditional attire is similar to that of geisha. The most literal translation of geisha into English would be "artist", "performing artist", or "artisan". This term is used to refer to geisha from Western Japan, which includes Kyoto and Kanazawa. The white make-up and elaborate kimono and hair of a maiko is the popular image held of geisha.

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Keen to stroll around the streets of Tokyo in a kimono, and maybe take a lot of photos in the process? A nice kimono will go well with the cherry blossomsor a temple or shrine in the background. In summer, they also rent out yukatawhich are made of lighter, thinner material than regular kimonos.

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Kanazawa is a traditional city and famous for Kimono — Japanese traditional dresses. Nowadays, Japanese people wear Kimono on only special occasions — New year, wedding, or tea ceremony. However, some places still offer Kimono wearing experiences.


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