Motivational theory in asian culture

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Asia Pacific Education Review. Concepts of learner autonomy and the self-determination theory provided a theoretical rationale for the action program for learner autonomy. The action program was implemented for one academic year.

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DOI: Abstract : The aim of this paper is to compare and contrast the theories of motivation and how they are used to inspire employees to develop the drive to achieve. The importance of motivation in organizations and job satisfaction is vital for the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

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This article explains the Hofstede Cultural Dimensionsdeveloped by Geert Hofstede in a practical way. After reading you will understand the basics of this powerful organization cultural analysis tool. Globalization is still a familiar concept today.

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He did not imply that workers would be one type or the other. Rather, he saw the two theories as two extremes - with a whole spectrum of possible behaviours in between. The management implications for Theory X workers were that, to achieve organisational objectives, a business would need to impose a management system of coercion, control and punishment.

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Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more. Politeness theory maintains the universality of an individual's positive and negative face wants in all cultures.

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Under the current international background, more and more enterprises begin to hire employees from different countries, which is more common in international enterprises. Employees from different cultural backgrounds have different understandings and perceptions about management and leadership, and they also have different perspectives and behaviors. In order to improve the effectiveness of management, enterprises must face the challenges of cultural differences in human resource management, and must seriously consider and solve the problems caused by cross-cultural factors.

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Business leaders believe a strong organizational culture is critical to success, yet culture tends to feel like some magic force that few know how to control. So most executives manage it according to their intuition. In this article, we address each of these to show how leaders can engineer high-performing organizational cultures — and measure their impact on the bottom line.

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International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. The importance of motivation in learning has been widely recognized. However, due to its multidimensional and complex nature, it appears difficult to synthesize research findings on motivation across studies. Heated debates about the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on learning and their interaction have been going on since the terms started to be used.

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The teachers were expected to apply a new approach with various teaching activities to motivate students to learn. The sample consisted of 68 low achievement students, who were then divided into two groups: 34 students were treated in the treatment group, while another 34 students were put in the control group. This is a quasi-experiment of non equivalent control group design.

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Qiao Hengyu. International Journal of Language and Linguistics. The foreign language learning motivation refers to the choice and effort the learners make to achieve his or her foreign language learning goal [ 14 ]. Motivation is proved to play an important role in Second language Acquisition SLAwhich is thought to be the predictor of language learning success.


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