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People with synesthesia experience the world in a way that is hard to describe to non-synesthetes. Words can have color, sounds can have smells, and numbers can have tastes. This study looked at 19 people with synesthesia who have reported experiencing their symptoms during sex.

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People with a condition known as synesthesia are prone to swapping their senses. They can feel colors, see music, and smell words. This raises an important question for science: What's it like to have sex when you've got synesthesia?

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Riding the high of an orgasm is both physical and mental for most of us. Yes colors. For those of us raises hand who see colors when we climax, orgasm synesthesia is a fireworks show.

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Is brain activity during an orgasm different from the period of intense sexual arousal that immediately precedes orgasm? Does it make a difference whether the woman masturbates or is stimulated by a partner? The data that mapped brain activity to levels of sexual arousal culminating in orgasm were gathered in an environment that few would consider conducive to erotic activity. Functional magnetic imagining scanners are always noisy and usually cold.

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Skip navigation! Sex is one of the basic pleasures of life, but the orgasm is anything but simple — especially for people with vaginas. The complexity begins with your anatomy.

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For others multiple orgasms are the norm. Everyone is different. Its only purpose is to provide pleasure.

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We experience the world via our senses in ways that differ vastly from anyone else—sex and orgasm are no different. Yum, right? Words can have color, sounds can have smells, tastes can have shapes, and numbers can have tastes—for example.

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That night I was transported to a different realm, full of colour, shapes and swirling patterns. A world where geometric designs coursed throughout my body at lightning speed. That night I realised I experience synaesthesia when I orgasm. I have always had a strange relationship with colour.

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For people with synaesthesia, stimulation of one sense — or in some cases just thinking of a particular concept — triggers another kind of sensory experience. The most common form of the condition is for letters to trigger colour perceptions, but there are some truly strange variants, such as people for whom various swimming strokes trigger coloursand others who experience emotional sensations at the touch of different fabrics. Although there are first-hand accounts in sex research that sound a lot like synaesthesia e.

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Verified by Psychology Today. The Mysteries of Love. What makes good sex good? And what makes great sex better than good sex?


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