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I am an year-old woman and have had two sexual partners. My current boyfriend is loving, passionate, not at all selfish, and would do anything to make me orgasm. I can orgasm with porn or when masturbating alone, but not with him.

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Yes, both men and women orgasm during sleep and it is perfectly normal. When men experience orgasm in their sleep, these are known as nocturnal orgasms or wet dreams. These wet dreams are mostly associated with puberty in young boys, and they happen due to increased testosterone levels.

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By Tracey Cox. Tracey Cox is the UK's leading expert and author on sex and relationship issue. With an academic background in psychology, 14 books on sex, relationships and body language under her belt and a television career spanning decades, she is more than well equipped to answer your dilemmas.

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Look, when you put in the kind of time on the floor doing PT as I do to keep the hips and joints juicy, you watch a lot of movies. Directed by the superb Clint Eastwood, the movie features Donald Sutherland as a nearly-blind chick magnet, Tommy Lee Jones as an aging stunt pilot, Eastwood as the team leader who still has a beef with his old boss and James Garner as a Baptist preacher who still yearns to fly. These guys are in their mix-sixties in the story, and their nation needs them to reconfigure a Russian satellite. When the Ripe Stuff, as they are nicknamed, are discovered by the press, the four end up on late night TV, where they are skewered good-naturedly by Jay Leno.

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London - Some things in life remain all the more seductive, more thrillingly potent, when concealed behind a certain mystique. Of the many scenes which made me cringe, one showed a young woman, lying under her duvet, eyes closed, thrashing about as though in the midst of a horrible nightmare. This was year-old web entrepreneur, Jannette, from South London, in the throes of sexual ecstasy.

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By Bobbie Whiteman For Dailymail. It's the 30th anniversary of the classic romantic comedy, starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. And in an interview with Peopledirector Rob Reiner and Billy recalled the excruciating moment when they watched the movie's now infamous fake orgasm scene with the Princess during the royal premiere in London 's Odeon Leicester Square Theater.

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Sign in. Elisha Cuthbert reveals a show she can't miss, the greatest hockey movie ever, and the film she's seen the more than any other. Watch now.

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If you're flying solo or you've been married for 25 years, irrespective of your relationship status there are countless reasons why you should pleasure yourself. Aside from the fact that it feels good, from stress reduction to improved sleep and even help with menstrual cramps, masturbation comes with a number of health benefits. If that's not enough to convince you to double-click your mouse, masturbation also benefits your relationships.

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Sign in. Watch now. Extraordinary behind-the-scenes access reveals a drug company's fevered race to develop the first FDA-approved Viagra for women - and offers a humorous but sobering look inside the cash-fueled pharmaceutical industry.

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At long last, the world is beginning to embrace the female orgasm. Women are singing about masturbationscientists are studying what happens to women's brains when they orgasmand the internet is full of advice on having better orgasms. Which is great—but all this talk can make you feel left out if you've never even had an orgasm yet. You're not alone, though.


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