Breast drainage

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Fluid that leaks from one or both nipples is called a nipple discharge. Each breast has several 15 to 20 milk ducts. A discharge can come from one or more of these ducts.

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If you are having a mastectomy for breast cancer treatment of prophylaxis, you will most likely have surgical drains in place when you go home. Surgical drains are also usually placed during breast reconstruction surgery. Your surgeon or nurse will give you instructions on how to manage your drains, but knowing what to expect can make living with drains a bit easier.

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Nipple discharge or fluid from the breasts can be very alarming, but it's normal in many women. So normal that when renowned breast surgeon Susan Love, M. There are many different presentations of nipple discharge, as well as many potential causes.

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Nipple discharge is when fluid leaks from one or both nipples. It is normal after a woman gives birth because her breasts are making milk for the baby. Nipple discharge may be a concern when it: happens in a woman who is not breastfeeding occurs on its own, or spontaneously, without squeezing the nipple comes out of more than one duct in the breast has blood in it. Nipple discharge is usually due to a benign condition.

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Nipple discharge can be an early symptom of breast cancer, but most cases of nipple discharge are due to benign conditions. The following are guidelines to differentiate benign discharge from discharge that is associated with malignancy:. If the discharge is spontaneous, and is coming from a single duct, the next step is to do a ductogram.

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Breast discharge leaking from your nipples can throw you for a loop. Unless they provide you with some spectacular feelings during sexin which case, gold star for your nips. So when they suddenly start acting out, it can be surprising, to say the least.

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Some problems are related to lactation. Others are not. This normal process of dilation of the milk gland is called ectasia.

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Nipple discharge is the release of fluid from the nipple. It is a very common breast symptom and in most cases is part of the normal function of the breast rather than being caused by a problem. Nipple discharge alone without a lump or other nipple change is a very uncommon symptom of breast cancer.

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From this plexus, lymphatic drainage takes place through three main routes:. Lymphatics may reach the sheath of the rectus abdominis and the subperitoneal and subhepatic plexuses. Please Note: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.

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The blood from the upper limb is returned to the heart by two sets of veins, superficial and deep. Both sets have valves, and both drain ultimately into the axillary vein. Superficial Veins fig. The superficial veins are highly variable, lie mostly in the subcutaneous tissue, and return almost all of the blood.


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