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A few months ago I found myself at one of my favorite second-hand clothing stores, specifically for the purpose of updating my maternity wardrobe after finding out another little one was on the way. Lieutenant John Blanchard stood in Grand Central Station, oblivious to the crowd bustling and scurrying around him. With a racing heart, he fixed his eyes on the big clock towering overhead.

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Show less If you recently decided to start dressing more modestly, you may feel a little lost about how to do so while still looking fashionable. Contrary to popular belief, "modest" and "fashionable" are not enemies.

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You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself. For more information about subscriptions, click here. Reality TV is all the rage these days.

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I'm super glad you like my post. Where I live, we have many gypsies. They call themselves gypsies, they don't mind being called gypsies.

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Modesty is all about being aware of the way you present yourself. This is the most obvious area where you should be modest. If you are dressing in a way that makes those around you uncomfortable, then you probably need to reevaluate your outfit.

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Please carefully consider the truths that Angel Hartzler writes about…. However, there are certain things as a parent that I am incredibly vigilant about. I believe that how we choose to dress says a lot about purity.

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Modesty is certainly something that is misunderstood or undervalued in our culture today. In fact at times it is totally disregarded. The biggest misconception is that modesty is something that only applies for girls.

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I saw you at the pool today walking with your friend. Your body barely filling out the teeny tiny string bikini you were modeling during your numerous walks around the pool grounds. I saw you at the party walking ever so gingerly and carefully in your oh so high heels and itty bitty little shorts. You were afraid to move the wrong way because there was no room for error with the height of your shorts and the depth of your shirt.

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Imagine a home with a teenage girl where the most contentious argument over clothes involves whether it's OK for the lace on a camisole to peek through the top or bottom of a shirt. That seems to be the case with year-old Morgan Morrissette, whose mother, Shelley, is the founder and organizer of a local Pure Fashion group, a Catholic-based organization that promotes modesty and purity among teenage girls. It's a small quibble in these days where fashion seems to find a new body part to expose each season — from bare midriffs to cleavage to the cheeks not on the face.

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Dressing modestly feels very natural to me. I was raised from a young child to think about the clothes I wore, but it was with a balanced approach. I will forever be grateful to my mother for the incredible job she did in teaching me what modesty really means.


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