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See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. The term tickle torture can apply to many different situations that do not include the aforementioned acts of either sexual gratification or malicious torture. This method of "pranking" could also incorporate the use of physical restraint or restraint using materials. In his book Sibling Abuse , Vernon Wiehe published his research findings regarding adults who were abused by their siblings during childhood. Another hospital employee came upon Sanders while he was entertaining himself at his patient's expense, and the criminal was brought before a grand jury. A article described an immobilized suicidal patient at the Hudson River State Hospital who was tied to a bed for his own safety. There is currently no evidence that tickle torture was ever widespread or was practiced by governments.

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chinese girls tickled

This can also be seen as "punishment" or "payback" as the tickler could be using the tickling as retribution from a previous tickling experience or "prank".

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Audrey. Age: 24.
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In the former case, it could be used as a way of "pranking" a person, as the act of being tickled can produce many sounds and sensations that could be viewed as being embarrassing to the victim. The bondage methods of the tickling usually follows the same basic methods. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions.

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