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Luckily, Sadie found the cure for her eating disorder after breaking up with her boyfriend of three years, Blake Coward. I was like crying and I looked in the mirror and I literally couldn't even recognize myself because I actually saw myself for who I am and I actually saw myself for the first time. Even though she claims she doesn't "even like Twitter," she chose the social media platform because it's "obviously where Trump is. Her strange choice of prom date Instagram. It's fun, but when it becomes your everything that's when you begin to loose sic everything about what makes you

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Had a blast with you cuz we should do this more often," Cole joined in with a now-deleted Instagram post of his own.

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If they can forgive him, it will all work out. This is the kind of girl you wanna take home and meet the fam. I've been told if I would loose sic 10 pounds then I may look like an actual model, yet all the while I just smile, laugh, eat and dance my way through the shoots.

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