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I'm a self-proclaimed beauty daredevil who is down to try anything once after proper website stalking and research, of course. Just when I thought I'd done it all—hydrating, brightening, LED, microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, and classic facials included—I discovered the vagina facial. It is also known as a "Vajacial," which is honestly so fun to pronounce.

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Pretty much no one likes to talk about discharge — even if you're usually an oversharer, the word probably makes you cringe a little. In fact, researchers think part of the reason people hate the word "moist" so much is that it reminds them of vaginal discharge. Of course, we're sloooowly starting to get past some of the weird taboos about periods and pit hairso who knows — maybe someday discharge won't be such a hush-hush topic either.

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What about this one Image:TwilaB Not only is the word misspelled, it's not referenced, and probably cannot be scientifically proven. There's more vandalism -- the last sentence of the opening paragraph!

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Well, I suppose this is meant to be appetizing. Oh, just gross. What is that thing? We have George Lucas to thank for the Pit of the Sarlacc, a giant subterranean desert plant that digests its prey for a thousand years.

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It is a well known fact that any sufficiently popular form of communication will eventually be used for sexual purposes. The written word gave us the erotic novel, texting has spawned sexting, and even adorable, bubbly emoji have been repurposed to communicate some pretty raunchy messages rather far from the original intentions of the members of the Unicode Consortium—as long as you're looking to talk about dick. Yes, for all the popularity and infamy of the eggplant emoji, there's no equally popular vulval equivalent.

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Vaginas are an unfair source of widespread confusion and embarrassment: Plenty of us don't know how they work or what they look like. But it's not just popular culture that gets vaginas wrong. Scientific and medical minds long misunderstood female anatomy.

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Just like the rest of your body, your vagina will undergo some changes as you get older. It's not something to fear. None of that woe is my poor vagina, which must face off against the dreadful ravages of time stuff.

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It's a sad state of affairs that the number of women optiong for female gentical cosmetic surgery or a labiaplasty has shot up in recent years, indicating mass insecurity about how normal women believe their vaginas to be. But if you're one of those who's ever fretted about the state of your labia, then fret no more. Australian not-for-profit organisation Women's Health Victoria have put their time to good use and created the one, the only: Labia Library. The website is a hub of information containing advice, facts, diagrams and most importantly PICTURES, put together with the help of young women and a range of professionals including gynaecologists, psychosexual health specialists, sex educators and general practitioners.

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Magnetic resonance imaging is a method with high contrast resolution widely used in the assessment of pelvic gynecological diseases. However, the potential of such method to diagnose vaginal lesions is still underestimated, probably due to the scarce literature approaching the theme, the poor familiarity of radiologists with vaginal diseases, some of them relatively rare, and to the many peculiarities involved in the assessment of the vagina. Thus, the authors illustrate the role of magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of vaginal diseases and the main relevant findings to be considered in the clinical decision making process.


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