Feline facial pheromones

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Effect of a synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone on salivary cortisol levels in the domestic cat. Bianca P. Fabiana B.

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Pheromones are natural substances produced and excreted by cats that alter emotional states and behaviour [1]. Pheromones may be used to reduce problem behaviour in cats, either using synthetic analogues of natural pheromones or scent collected directly from pheromone producing parts of the cat face and flanks. The commonest commercially available preparations include a synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial marking pheromone.

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Is your cat aggressive, stressed, not confident, or afraid of objects such as cat carriers? If so, cat pheromones may become a helpful tool to regain peace and harmony in your home and to make vet visits less stressful to your cat. In this article, you will learn what cat pheromones are and how they work.

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Sara, a former shelter cat, has been luxuriating in my home for nine years. She's always been gentle yet skittish, the proverbial scaredy-cat. Sara hissed, Sammy pounced, and I couldn't get much sleep. I left her office with two pheromone collars, a handful of pheromone diffusers and the ardent hope that the chemical compounds would bring peace to the Sachs household.

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For example, why does your cat rub up against certain people and objects? When your cat rubs up against your leg, is he just establishing a physical connection with you, or is he doing something more? In fact, your cat is leaving behind a trail of chemicals called pheromones, natural substances that share specific information amongst the same species of animal.

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From body language to vocalisation, your cat uses lots of signs and signals to communicate. Pheromones are a type of olfactory or scent chemical communication that all cats use to interact with each other, and the world around them. Released from special glands around their bodies, all varieties of felines produce a wide range of pheromones, that send different meanings and messages to other cats and influence behaviours.

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February 19, Feline veterinary visits cause significant stress for cats, owners, and staff alike. A new study shows that feline facial pheromone spray may bring more cats to the clinic without all the drama.

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Cat pheromones are pheromones that are used by cats and other felids for cat communication. Feline facial pheromone is a pheromone used by cats to mark places, objects, and persons as familiar by rubbing their face on surfaces. Several pheromones are currently known to exist as "feline facial pheromones" and are produced from glands located around the mouth, chin, forehead and cheeks. These are only some of the many pheromones that cats produce.

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These feline odorless messages are only perceived by other cats. People and dogs are not affected. When comfortable and happy, cats mark their territory as familiar by rubbing their face against corners, furniture, people, or other cats at home.

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Small Animal Rehabilitation 0 comments. If you are anything like me, when someone mentions using pheromones you nod politely and listen sceptically. I am a sceptic by nature, and it takes a lot to convince me that something is going to work.


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