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Ever have trouble trying to figure out what kind of frame is best for your face? Well you're in luck! With our little guide, you'll learn that there's a frame for everyone — and we can tell you what the best fit is for you!

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But when it comes to face shapes, I think a bit of beauty rule-following is more than okay! That's because your face shape can impact so many components of your look. Then there's makeup.

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If you have a round face shape, the object is to add length and avoid width. A round face requires haircuts, styles and makeup that will help to reduce the roundness and create a more flattering shape. If you have a round face shape then you'll recognize the following characteristics:.

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The shape of your face can affect which hairstyles, glasses, or makeup effects look best on you. To determine your face shape, start by getting familiar with the basic shape categories. Identify your face shape with a few measurements, and use your new-found knowledge to help you pick hairstyles, makeup styles, and accessories that flatter your face. Not only will this be a lot more difficult, but you could hurt yourself if you accidentally retract the tape during a measurement.

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After all, an extra inch here or a smattering of facial hair there can make all the difference. But how can you actually determine what shape your face is? First, arm yourself with a flexible tape measure.

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Unfortunately, much like analyzing the aspects of your eyebrows and nosedetermining your face shape is a lot easier said than done. Jean HanerChinese face reading expert and author of The Wisdom of Your Facegives her expert insight below and breaks it down to a simple process. Most of determining face shape comes from being able to see the top of your hairline and all of your jawline.

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Waiting for payday? Although confidence is all you need to wear a new cut proudly, there's nothing wrong with consulting your face shape and angles to ensure that you choose the best hairstyle suited for your unique facial features. We're here to help you figure out the best hairstyles for your face shape, so you can rock runway-worthy 'dos every day even without your own personal glam squad.

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There are some things about your body that are crucial to know: your blood type, whether you're allergic to dairy, and your face shape, to name a few. That last one may seem like no big deal, but knowing if your face is oval, square, or round can help you get a more flattering haircut, look more natural when you get fillers, find perfectly fitting glassesand better sculpt your face with your favorite contouring kit. With the help of a plastic surgeon and hairstylist, we've made it easy for you to figure it all out on your own, by breaking down the evaluation process into three easy steps.

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Gentlemen: Before picking a hairstylebeard styleor a new pair of glassesyou first need to identify your face shape. Because a style that looks great on a guy with an oblong face that is, long and narrowwon't complement a square face in quite the same way. So grab a flexible tape measure, follow the guidelines below and subscribe for a personalized grooming box—you'll look optimal in no time.

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Once you have determined your face shape, click here to discover new products that can help you master the beauty basics. Step 1 : Take a picture of yourself straight on, with your hair pulled away from your face. Step 2 : Print out the picture.


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